We see a broad range of clients who want to overcome physical discomfort, and we can help you return to pain-free, fluid movement. Many people come to us after exhausting other options and hearing about us from satisfied clients.

Some people come to us with chronic pain, often the result of the realities of modern day life and the effects they have on posture and movement. For those who have incurred injuries to the back, or upper or lower limbs, whether through sport or accident, we work both pre- and post-surgery. And we also work with postnatal women to get you exercising again, to overcome lower back and pelvic girdle pain, or to help you lose your ‘pregnancy bulge’.

For budding sportspeople, and elite athletes, our running clinic will assist you to get in peak condition, whatever the sport. From recreational runners to elite sprinters, or if your game is hockey, netball or taekwondo, we work with you to limit the incidence of injuries and boost your sporting performance. 



Whether you’re preparing to run your first 5km, or if you’re competing at the highest levels of your game, we can help you to do your best.


Josie Mitchell: Sports Therapist

Josie Mitchell

After working with professional athletes and sportspeople, Josie founded London Sports Therapy in 1999 to bring her expertise to a broad client base across West and Central London.

With a BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Therapy, she has trained in the Integrated Systems Model, Thoracic Ring Approach™, and ConnectTherapy™, and continues to build on her knowledge and skills through further professional development and qualifications. She is a certified running coach, having trained under the tutelage of one of the world’s preeminent running specialists.

Josie also acts as a consultant, and has helped to instruct and mentor other therapists, and to establish new clinics.

Josie was a keen Crossfitter and runner for over five years and has now transitioned over to Olympic Weightlifting and Calisthenics. She has first hand experience of the rigours of physical activity.

She regularly contributes to articles published by ASICS.

Richard at London Sports Therapy

Richard Stennett

Richard is a clinician with a passion for helping individuals recover from injuries and achieve their goals. He earned his BSc (Hons) in Applied Sport Science from the University of Edinburgh, an MSc in Musculoskeletal Sport Science and Health from Loughborough University, and a clinical masters in Sports Rehabilitation from St Mary’s University, Twickenham.

Richard has gained valuable experience throughout his academic development, having completed placements at London Wasps RFC and England Lacrosse. He has presented his dissertation research various sports medicine conferences and has also been published in medical journals and NICE guidelines.

Richard is also the Lead Clinical and Pitch-side Therapist at Dorking Wanderers Women’s Football Club, where he manages chronic injuries and provides pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.

Outside of work, Richard is an ultra-runner and is currently training for the 50-mile distance. He enjoys combining his passion for running with wild swimming and is always on the lookout for his next adventure.

Fin at London Sports Therapy

Fin Medd

Fin’s interest in rehabilitation started from a young age, watching his father recover from a severe spinal injury alongside his own experiences rehabilitating shoulder and hand injuries. This lead him to pursue a career in the industry, studying BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science.

After graduating, Fin gained Level 4 Sports Massage and started working with high performing athletes such as dancers, boxers and endurance athletes, and worked at events such as the London Marathon.

Fin currently works as a massage therapist in multiple clinics around London, he is a complimentary therapist at St Joseph’s Hospice and is currently in his second year of a Masters degree, studying Sports Rehabilitation.

Fin has previously played a high level of rugby but recently has shifted his focus to endurance events, competing in the London Marathon and Triathlons across Europe.