Sports Injury

We always begin by conducting a full analysis, examining functionality, posture and biomechanics, to give us an in-depth knowledge of how your body moves and why.

It enables us to pinpoint the primary drivers of your discomfort – areas of imbalance or misalignment that can lead to soreness in another part of the body. It might be a compressed rib, for example, that’s the root cause of your foot pain, or we might find that an old ankle injury is resulting in chronic backache.

After assessing you, we use the optimum combination of a variety of therapies to get you moving freely again and to ensure long-lasting recovery. Our therapies might include manual techniques such as soft tissue and myofascial release, complemented with a specific programme of movement exercises designed precisely for your needs.

We then reassess you to determine your progress, and adjust the treatment accordingly. Our goal is to return you to full functional fitness, and to reduce the recurrence of injury.





50 MINS: £70



from £40

30mins / 1hour available



24hr cancellation notice is required
or a 100% charge is incurred.

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Vouchers are available for a running assessment, injury assessment or sports massage.


All the members of our family have used Josie and Joe over many years. No matter what strain or sprain we may have - they always get to the heart of the matter. They ease the strain or sprain - recommend exercises, and send us away with a smile on our faces, rather than a grimace of pain! Their tender loving care with patients is second to none. We all have no hesitation in recommending them.

Claudia, Alastair & Helen Whitehouse

Josie has really helped me to recover from the stress to my body of having a third child. Her ultrasound showing whether you are working your pelvic floor muscles correctly is hugely helpful. She also keeps me on the tennis court despite a long term shoulder injury. In realigning my body and helping me to do exercises to strengthen my core I feel far more aware of correct posture and her kind confident approach is very reassuring.

Charlotte – Lawyer

Josie has been absolutely essential to the health and wellbeing of my clients over the past year. She is extremely professional, observant, and knowledgable in the areas of sports medicine and exercise rehabilitation and I know my clients will receive the greatest level of care and attention in her hands.

Mike Rosenstock – Senior Trainer, The Hogarth Health Club

I would highly recommend Josie. I have been seeing you Josie for various reasons over the last 10 years. She has helped with post pregnancy conditioning, acute back pain and various postural issues. I describe her as having “X-ray hands” as she can quickly pin point the source of most problems. It’s always a positive experience and I leave her clinic feeling taller / straighter and with a smile. Thank you, Josie!

Dr Lal – GP