Fixing my running gait

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help fixing my running gait/improving run strength. The half Ironman went really well (although I may have overcooked it on the swim and bike legs), but still managed a solid run, which I don’t think I’d have managed before! Thanks again for all your work!

– Tomas Cutts, Triathlete


Fantastic Session!

I met Richard today and had a fantastic session with him. I have homework which I will work on.
Thank you very much.

– Shanti B, Pilates teacher

Love these classes!

I enjoy the strengthening but also like the face to face to work on technique.
It’s fun to work out with others, to be able to see how I should be doing the exercises, and an incentive to continue.
Great first thing and doing it at home, fun class and really noticing difference in my strength doing it consistently over time.
Right length – enough to remind about what’s important to focus on.
Great exercises and routine. Very functional for running. Great way to start the weekend.

Members of the online rehab + strength class


From touch rugby to sprinting

After I pulled my quad playing touch rugby, I went to see Josie at London Sports Therapy on a friend’s recommendation. She took a full, detailed history of my injuries and observed how I moved, and started work on rehab. Once I had sufficiently recovered, I began a series of sessions with her to develop my running, to reduce the likelihood of future injury, and especially to prepare me for a return to sprinting on the masters athletics circuit. I’m now competing again and getting faster.

Alex – Entrepreneur

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Identifying the source of pain

Josie is exceptional. She has an amazing way of quickly identifying the source of body pain then helping to eliminate it completely. In my case it was my lower back then leg and side pain from a fall. Through careful observation, massage, exercises and her brilliant sense of humour, I am now pain free and am more aware of how to prevent it from happening again.

– R Agnel, Villa expert

Improvements to running techniques

I started seeing Josie when I encountered issues running and the normal stretching and resting wasn’t fixing the problems. Josie was able to change the way I run completely by trying different methods to see what would work best for my body. Josie also gave me exercises to do on my own to help break old bad habits and to accelerate the healing. In addition, and my favourite part, Josie filmed my running and I could see for myself what I was doing wrong. The videos showed me what a huge improvement I made from my first session to my last. I went from being able to run maybe once a month in pain, to running 20 minutes twice a week with no limping at the end! Josie is a great listener, dedicated and patient. I highly recommend her!

– Ana Alberdi


Rehabilitating young professional athletes

My daughter Zuleika is 15 years old and plays basketball at a high level representing England this year. She received an injury to her right ankle during a training session which resulted in pain during most movements.

Zuleika was assessed by Josie Mitchell to provide answers to the possible causes of her injury, pain and ease Zuleika’s worries of her injury. On assessment, Josie went as far back into the history of her previous injury to her left ankle.

For a young girl in sport at a high level she was anxious as to how the injury would impact her current and long term as she was near to representing her country at an event in Copenhagen the following week and further events coming up.

The results for above have been fantastic as Zuleika represented GB in Copenhagen to come third in the tournament! Zuleika continues to carry out her rehab, her foot is 100% back on track, and has eased her anxiety, and also able to squat fully is amazing as this is a big part to her position for her sport and her strength and conditioning.

Most importantly, Josie was able to assess and provide specific rehab to enable Zuleika to gain full pain free mobility, movement and stability. Without this, England Basketball would not have cleared Zuleika fit to take part in the event.

– Zuleika, England Basketball Player


Post-pregnancy conditioning

Josie has really helped me to recover from the stress to my body of having a third child. Her ultrasound showing whether you are working your pelvic floor muscles correctly is hugely helpful. She also keeps me on the tennis court despite a long term shoulder injury. In realigning my body and helping me to do exercises to strengthen my core I feel far more aware of correct posture and her kind confident approach is very reassuring.

– Charlotte, Lawyer

Strains and sprains

All the members of our family have used Josie and Joe over many years. No matter what strain or sprain we may have – they always get to the heart of the matter. They ease the strain or sprain – recommend exercises, and send us away with a smile on our faces, rather than a grimace of pain! Their tender loving care with patients is second to none. We all have no hesitation in recommending them.

– Claudia, Alastair, Helen Whitehouse


Josie is also highly empathic

I started seeing Josie due to a long standing hip injury that was impeding my running. After a combination of physio and strength work, the injury no longer troubles me. As well as being an excellent physio, Josie is also highly empathic and really understands her clients. Highly recommended.

– Nicki M

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Keeping mobile after several different surgeries

If there were more stars to give Josie – I would add them! Josie has helped my mobility enormously – and is still helping me keep mobile after several different surgeries that have affected my ‘mechanics’. She has a personable friendly style, is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced – it’s always good to see her and to be inspired to keep going on the recovery road. Highly recommend London Sports Therapy – I wouldn’t be without them!

– Em Fortea


Disc degeneration and being a CrossFit athlete

I first saw Josie in 2017, suffering lower back pain and some shoulder pain most likely attributed to overtraining and a lack of attention to proper recovery. Josie has patiently worked with me ever since, strapping me together for competitions and doing hours of body work to loosen areas of tightness and relieving any areas of pain. I’ve dealt with many different physio’s, doctors, sports therapists and everything in-between through my years of playing sport; but Josie is far more caring and personable then any one I have been treated by in the past. She will often go out of her way, above and beyond to make sure I am not in pain, always following up after appointments and continually checking in to make sure I am consistent with the rehab exercises she has prescribed me. More importantly though, lower back pain which was pretty much 24/7 for months and months and months has finally started to die down with her help and effort! I am now back into full time training, and so pleased with the progress I have made with her!

– Charles Ingell, Gym owner & CrossFit athlete

Dislocating knee and return to play

Our family highly recommend Josie as a sports therapist. Several family members have been successfully treatment by Josie. She stopped my back clicking after tennis play. More importantly, Josie helped with the rehabilitation program for my daughter to return to playing lacrosse and tennis in sports teams after dislocating her knee several times. The success was due to a holistic approach correcting the whole body alignment as well as specifically treating the injured area. Josie built a specific programme beyond her therapy room which included carefully managed exercises on the running machines in the gym and a home exercise routine.

– The Coulson Family

“x-ray hands”

I would highly recommend Josie. I have been seeing you Josie for various reasons over the last 10 years. She has helped with post pregnancy conditioning, acute back pain and various postural issues. I describe her as having “X-ray hands” as she can quickly pin point the source of most problems. It’s always a positive experience and I leave her clinic feeling taller / straighter and with a smile. Thank you, Josie!

– Dr Lal, GP

Spinal fusion avoided, 2 babies later despite diagnosed with spondylolisthesis

I first came to see Josie in 2008, 3 months after falling off my bike and injuring my back. I have been ‘faithful’ to Josie ever since- no one else works like her! I was at such a low ebb and thought that I might never do sport or even have kids. I had been off sick from work since the accident and was on lots of painkillers. Having seen several osteopaths and physiotherapists, I thought that I was never going to recover and had even been offered a spinal fusion op on the NHS. Josie was the first person to look at my whole body and to point out that there was a lot more going on than just my back problem. With regular treatments and lots of exercises Josie helped me get back to fitness and I have been able to have 2 babies and ski black runs without a problem. She knew when I was ready to start doing Pilates and put me back in control of my body. Since then a combination of regular Pilates and occasional treatments has kept me in good shape. I have the occasional flare up but Josie always gets me back on track. She is special!

– Kat, civil servant


Back on the road

I damaged the heel of my right foot about ten months ago, and this stopped me running, which was a great sadness to me. Then I developed a troublesome pain in my right  hip when walking. After three sessions with Josie, I have been able to start running again. I started with just five minutes on the treadmill, and am slowly increasing this … a huge development for me. I had thought that I would never run again. I am most encouraged, and shall continue to put myself in Josie’s capable hands.

– Malcom B, retired

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Finding joy again in running

I first came to see Josie over two years ago when my body’s misalignment was limiting my movement and causing me discomfort when exercising. She has not only released the tight muscles of my body but also analysed the root causes of my problem. Since then Josie has also helped me to improve my running technique and running has become a joy again after running sessions with her. I can now look forward to running and exercising for years to come which would not have been possible without Josie’s superb skills and help.

– Marja

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