Running Clinic

Running is an integral part of many sports, and the ability to move freely is fundamental to your enjoyment of your chosen activity. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, we can help you optimise your running to lessen the incidence of injury, to move better, and to perform to the best of your ability.

First, we’ll ask you to do some simple tests to assess the range, speed and coordination of your movement. We’ll also observe you running on a treadmill, enhancing our analysis with video taken from different viewpoints. The use of slow motion video also lets you see what you need to do to improve your running.

We look at every aspect of your running, including for example stride length and foot dorsiflexion, and we pay particular attention to your foot strike and arm swing. Foot strike can change the tone of the calves and quads and also change the way the back moves, while arm swing can change the way the pelvis shifts and therefore the hip and feet and also the neck.

From there, we prescribe exercises specific to your goals and rehabilitation needs. As well as running drills, we might include exercises, for example, for improved shoulder or hip mobility, or to activate the glutes. Everything is determined by your unique attributes and requirements.

We’ll then observe how your running changes over time, and recalibrate the exercises to assist your progress along the journey towards your goals.

Running Clinic running assessment
Running Clinic Chiswick


The Running Clinic offers different return to running packages at our Chiswick clinic:


1 hour / £105

Gait & Injury analysis. You will receive a gait and injury assessment. This includes a strength and functional test and a video analysis of your gait.  Your injury or alignment will also be checked and discussed so that you will understand how you can move forward with improving your running.




2 hours / £195

This package is 2 hours and includes package 1  and also a retraining session of your gait.  Within this session your injury will also be treated in order to ensure that you are in a more optimal position so as to avoid further injury.




from £45

30mins / 1 hour available

24hr cancellation notice is required
or a 100% charge is incurred.


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Love these classes! I enjoy the strengthening but also like the face to face to work on technique. Great first thing and doing it at home, fun class and really noticing difference in my strength doing it consistently over time. Right length - enough to remind about what’s important to focus on. Very functional for running.

Members of the online rehab + strength class

After I pulled my quad playing touch rugby, I went to see Josie at London Sports Therapy on a friend’s recommendation. She took a full, detailed history of my injuries and observed how I moved, and started work on rehab. Once I had sufficiently recovered, I began a series of sessions with her to develop my running, to reduce the likelihood of future injury, and especially to prepare me for a return to sprinting on the masters athletics circuit. I’m now competing again and getting faster.

Alex – Entrepreneur

I started seeing Josie when I encountered issues running and the normal stretching and resting wasn’t fixing the problems. Josie was able to change the way I run completely by trying different methods to see what would work best for my body. Josie also gave me exercises to do on my own to help break old bad habits and to accelerate the healing. In addition, and my favourite part, Josie filmed my running and I could see for myself what I was doing wrong. The videos showed me what a huge improvement I made from my first session to my last. I went from being able to run maybe once a month in pain, to running 20 minutes twice a week with no limping at the end! Josie is a great listener, dedicated and patient. I highly recommend her!

Ana Alberdi

I first came to see Josie over two years ago when my body’s misalignment was limiting my movement and causing me discomfort when exercising. She has not only released the tight muscles of my body but also analysed the root causes of my problem. Since then Josie has also helped me to improve my running technique and running has become a joy again after running sessions with her. I can now look forward to running and exercising for years to come which would not have been possible without Josie’s superb skills and help.