Mobility for playing golf

Apr 1, 2022 | Clinic

As well as football, golf is another passion of mine, which I play regularly. I recently had a lesson with a golf professional where he analysed my movement through my swing. As you can see in this video, he gave me a warmup drill. And that had 2 aims:

  • It would increase my mobility through the ribcage and spine and also loosen off my right hip for my backswing (being right-handed).
  • It became very apparent that I needed to improve better control over my right hip in order to ‘sink it back when entering my backswing’. This was something that can become clear if you video your golf swing.

My thoracic mobility was pretty good and did improve as the warm-up repetitions increased, but I could tell this would need to be added into my work away from the golf course too.

I have since set myself some exercises to work on these issues. Mobility exercises for the spine and hip such as 90/90s and a thread the needle accompanied with a weekly yoga session have improved things. These are exercises that are simple yet effective and require very little equipment. With consistency, this will make big changes to my scores and handicap this summer!

It just goes to show how important prehab and rehab exercises are to your sport. This is something that we offer in our clinic. We are able to analyse your function and provide appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. If you are struggling with your sport why not book online for an injury assessment?

Joe Sundborg BS.c Sports Therapy